Here we show you the supplies that you need to your installation.

Sand : The sand is a dust free sand. The Stonetile company will supply this sand or you may purchase it at Sandblasting supply companies. The sand must be dust free or it will not adhere to the caulking.

Screws : The screws are a #8 by 1” corrosion resistant screws. The Stonetile company will supply these screws.

Caulking :The recommended caulking is Tremco Dumonic FC. It is a one part urethane caulking with excellent adherence qualities. Sand must be applied within the first 30 to 60 minutes of applying it. please allow one tube of caulking per 30 sq ft of tiles. It is important that all joint are tight or large quantities of caulking will be wasted. The Stonetile company will supply this caulking.

Bottom Channel : The bottom or starter channesl are supplied in two colors: Black or Clay Grey. It features vent/drain holes. The hangers, that protrude from each tile by ¾” fit perfectly into this bottom channel and hold the bottom of the first row of tiles in place.  

Top Channel : At the top of an installation a “J” is used to hold the top of the top tile in place.  


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