What is Stonetile?

Stonetile is a richly crafted exterior wall product consisting of a diverse line of patented concrete tiles and moldings suitable for all types of new and retrofit construction. This line of stunning concrete products ranges from the Ultra Modern, to the traditional classic designs at a very reasonable cost. All tiles and moldings have imbedded metal fasteners that allows this product to be screwed onto the exterior. The joints are filled with urethane caulking which is then coated with silica sand to give the joints a realistic mortar appearance. This joint material will remain flexible.


How long will Stonetile last?

Stonetile is made of high density concrete. Dry or wet concrete will last almost indefinitely. Concrete is not affected by UV. Concrete, and for that matter real stone, will however deteriorate if it is subjected to many wet freezing and thawing cycles. The first Stonetile installations were done over 25 years ago. Upon examination of these projects, one could expect centuries of life as there has been no detectable change. Proper flashing installation and the prevention of ground water soaking into the Stonetile exterior are important steps to ensure that the Stonetile exterior stays unchanged. Our warranty is 10 years on the product. Under normal circumstances, Stonetile can last almost indefinitely if not exposed to unusual wet freeze thaw cycles.

What maintenance is required?

Maintenance is not required.

Will it match with my existing siding?

Stonetile will add beauty to a home where large partitions of the home feature another siding products such as Stucco, Vinyl, fiber board, brick etc. Great results can be achieved with existing stucco. Moldings and quioning can be installed without removing the stucco. A Stonetile representative will know if an existing product needs to be removed.

Will it match with my existing style of my home?

A Stonetile exterior will add beauty to any home, no matter what architectural style it is, that being said the choice of moldings should be in keeping with the architecture of the home. To select baroque moldings, keystones and some other accessories for example would not be the correct choice for a Craftsman or a contemporary style.

What happens when a tile or molding gets damaged?

Call us toll free at 1-800-266-9320 or fill out our service request form here and they will either repair or replace it.


Why is there a patent on Stonetile?

Stonetile has uniquely tapered edges. When expansion happens on hot days, the product expands slightly. (concrete expansion is minimal when compared to plastics or metal) nevertheless this expansion is absorbed in the tapered edges and any thermal cracking is prevented. In contrast other masonry products need unsightly expansion joints and even with expansion joints cracks often develop.

Can Stonetile be painted?

Yes Stonetile can be painted with a good quality acrylic latex paint. Due to the fact that Stonetile has the venting and draining rain-screen system paint will adhere perfectly and not peel on vertical walls.

Do all the tiles have to be fastened to the studs?

No Stonetile gets screwed into the plywood or OSB sheathing with 1” #8 screws.

What is Stonetile made of?

Stonetile is made of high density concrete of which the main ingredient is pure crushed limestone. The tiles and the moldings have embedded galvanized metal fasteners.